Introducing: From the Archive!

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We will be posting unpublished photos from my archive, starting today.  I’m going to turn it over to Chloe, my studio assistant, who has been combing through the archives and helping me make these selects.


Chloe here, this first photo From the Archive is from one of Nick’s earlier stories that is, simply put, rad.  It appeared in the July 1987 issue of Rolling Stone, in the article “Rolling Thunder.”  The story is about California skateboarders from the 80s.  One of my favorite quotes from the article?  ”This isn’t a sissy sport, you come down the street on one of those sidewalk surfboards, and you’ve got to deal with real life.”  Here’s what Nick has to say about this photo:  This is Christian Hosoi at home in Hollywood in his bedroom, having phone sex with a girl calling long distance.




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