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Chimpanzee Confiscated From Hunters

In our book, "Brutal Kinship," Jane Goodall and I join forces to present ways in ...
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Leopard Time

Some animals are so afraid of humans that it's nearly impossible to photograph them up ...
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Jane and La Vieille

I grew up looking at Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Birute Galdikas in National Geographic ...
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I spent two years documenting America's most innovative zoos. 2,000 rolls of film later, the ...
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Swamp Crossing, Day 53

On September 20, 1999, Mike Fay started the ultimate walk in the woods. His “Megatransect” ...
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Charging Elephant

In 1992, while photographing lowland gorillas in Africa, I first encountered J. Michael Fay of ...
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Rwanda Mountain Gorillas

My fascination with apes started as a boy, reading National Geographic Magazine, and later as ...
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Sita Carrying Cub

Nothing is more majestic than a wild tiger. In this story, we worked to show ...
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