2011 September NGM

“Orphans No More”

Kenya's orphan elephants

2009 October NGM

“Redwoods: the Super Trees”

The tallest trees

2008 September NGM

“Family Ties: The Elephants of Samburu”

An African love story

2007 March NGM

“Ivory Wars”

The slaughter of elephants in Chad

2007 March NGM

“Zakouma Eye to Eye”

Camera traps in a lost paradise

2006 July NGM

“Panda, Inc”

China's rent-a-Panda

2006 January NGM

“The Unexpected Canyon”

The Grand Canyon

2004 August NGM

“In the Land of the Surfing Hippos”

Gabon's Loango National Park

2003 September NGM

“Saving Africa's Eden”

Creation of Gabon's park system

2003 April NGM

“Jane in the Forest Again”

Jane Goodall returns to the wild

2002 November NGM

“Kings of the Hill”

Gelada baboons in the Ethiopian Highlands

2001 August NGM

“End of the Line”

Mike Fay's Megatransect Part 3

2001 March NGM

“The Green Abyss”

Mike Fay's Megatransect Part 2

2000 October NGM

“Megatransect: Across 1200 miles of Untamed Africa on Foot”

Part 1 of Mike Fay's epic journey for conservation

2000 February NGM

“Orphan Gorillas: Will They Survive in the Wild?”

Re-introduction in Congo and Gabon

2001 March NGM

“Forest Elephants”

In Dzanga Bai in Central Africa Republic

1997 December NGM

“Sita: Life of a Wild Tigress”

Raising cubs

1997 December NGM

“Making Room for Wild Tigers”

Survey of the tiger crisis

1995 December NGM

“Jane Goodall”

Crusading for chimpanzees and humans

1995 October NGM

“Threatened by War”

The mountain gorillas after the Rwandan genocide

1995 July NGM

“Ndoki: Last Place on Earth”

Into one of the world's last natural sanctuaries

1993 July NGM

“New Zoos”

The renaissance of American zoological parks

1992 March NGM

“Apes and Humans”

Our curious kinship with great apes

1991 March NGM

“Splendors of Lechuguilla Cave”

Four months photographing underground

1991 July GEO Germany

“Das Verhangnis, uns Menschen verwandt zu sein”

Brutal kinship man and chimpanzee

1989 GEO Germany

“Die Heilsame Geisterstunde”

Trance in Bali

1989 September Southern Magazine

“Tourism Without Shame”

A tacky tour of the South

1989 February 3 Rolling Stone

“The Scorched Earth”

Burning of the Amazon

1988 November Smithsonian

“A Labyrinth called Lechuguilla”

The discovery of the world's most beautiful cave

1988 April New York Times Magazine

“China Strains for Olympic Glory”

Behind the scenes with China sports program

1986 December GEO Germany

“Expedition in eine Anderswelt”

Pioneering canopy research in Costa Rica

1986 June GEO Germany

“Der Millionen-Umzug”

Indonesia's transmigration

1985 January GEO USA

“Barbarians on Wheels”

Bicycling in China

1985 September Rolling Stone

“Fear of Frying”

Summer time walk from Death Valley to Mount Whitney

1984 May Rolling Stone

“Thailand's: Home for Wayward Vets”

Vietnam veterans that stayed

1984 February GEO USA

“Rafting the Eater of Men”

Exploring New Guinea's Waghi River

1983 May GEO Germany

“Die Marionetten der Gene?”

Identical twins separated at birth

1983 February GEO USA

“The Rope”

the world's longest rappel. Mount Thor above the Arctic Circle

1982 November GEO Germany

“Das Geschaft mit dem Wunder”

Faith healing in the Philippines

1981 December GEO USA

“Gorilla Tactics”

Rwanda's mountain gorillas, the birth of ecotourism

1981 March GEO USA

“Tabloid of Savage Innocence”

The descendants of African slaves in Surinam

1981 GEO USA

“Riding the Torrent”

First descent of the Indus River/p>

1981 December GEO Germany

“Abschied von eldorado”

Death of the big car

1980 March GEO USA

“The Lost World”

Exploring Venezuela's tepuys with Tim Cahill

1979 June GEO USA

“Lure of the Abyss”

The story of fantastic and incredible pits in Ellison's Cave, Georgia